Let's make Moorhead a place where everyone can grow.

My name is Steve Lindaas, and I’m running to be re-elected to the Moorhead City Council for Ward 4. My wife and I raised our kids in Moorhead, and I value the opportunities that this community provides for our young people.

I am running so that our Moorhead neighbors of all ages can grow and thrive. If re-elected, I plan to focus on these four issues.

Creating a Welcoming Community

Just a few generations ago, my ancestors were welcomed as immigrants to this area from Norway. They helped contribute to and build their community, and we should continue the tradition of welcoming and including everyone in the fabric of our community. Whether you have been a Moorhead resident your entire life, or just part of your life, I will continue to support and create opportunities to make sure that you are welcomed. Recognizing and sharing our values and diverse backgrounds helps to create connections. Creating overlapping connections creates a more equitable resilient community that is better equipped to face future challenges and succeed together. The diversity of ideas, skills, and knowledge everyone brings to our community makes us all more resilient and able to thrive.

Connecting People and Parks

Research shows the powerful benefits of spending time outdoors in green spaces. One of my highest priorities, and personal passions, is to advocate for accessible green space for everyone. We need safe routes for kids and kids-at-heart to travel throughout our city and enjoy our parks and natural areas. It is also important to engage residents in conversations about what kind of park facilities and recreational spaces they want, and then find the resources to provide those amenities.

Planning for the Future and Climate

One of my priorities is strategic planning for downtown and local development. We need to be planning for a community and main street for the near and distant future. We want to invest our limited dollars in infrastructure and planning wisely. One of our challenges is developing the infrastructure needed to combat more frequent and damaging weather events. Anticipating future needs and planning accordingly is essential for fiscal responsibility. Developing the correct mixture of retail, residential, and public spaces is key to creating thriving business districts. Affordable and flexible housing options for all residents is crucial to support our diverse community. Everyone needs a place to live and work in Moorhead. This is how we attract and retain residents and businesses. Together we can grow!

Communication and Engagement

Connections occur when we find that we have more in common than we thought. Throughout the past year on City Council, I have worked on promoting periodic gatherings where people can meet and discuss concerns but also share ideas and talents. Communication is a two-way street and as a council member it is my goal to inform people about what is going on in our city, but more importantly, listen to concerns to effectively advocate for solutions. Building these bridges improves our community by providing space to share and improve ideas. This helps us grow a stronger, more resilient community.